Scope of Services

1. Scope of Snow Clearing: Cleanr Snow will service the agreed upon locations when snow has stopped falling and has accumulated to a depth of 2.54cm (1”) or more. Cleanr Snow will operate on the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless requested otherwise by the customer. Cleanr Snow will maintain its best effort to clear all agreed upon locations within 12 hours of the snow fall stopping. Walkways and driveways will be cleared to their edges and to the pavement except where vehicle and pedestrian traffic have compacted snow.

2. Snow Drifts: Cleanr Snow will service the agreed upon locations when 2.54cm (1”) or more of snow drifts have occurred at their property in between snow falls. These additional visits will be at no charge to the customer, with up to one(1) per month. These visits will be made within 48 hours of the request. More than one(1) visit per month will result in a $20-$40 (based on snow amount) per visit charge. These visits can be applied to windrow clearing when a city plow causes windrows on customer property.

3. Ice Prevention: Cleanr Snow will only apply salt to the customers walkway at the customers request. Salting will be applied for a ten dollar($10) fee and after the next snow fall and resulting visit for snow clearing, following the customers request. Cleanr Snow will not salt the driveway as salt is corrosive. Cleanr Snow will not be held responsible for any corrosion of the driveway, steps, walkway, or lawn due to the application of salt.

4. Determining Snow Depth: The aggregate depth of snowfall and number of snow, ice, and/or mixed precipitation events requiring services will be determined in good faith by Cleanr Snow using published, third-party compiled meteorological data for that location or surrounding geographic areas. If the customer feels that the depth is deeper than what is specified by the third-party compiled meteorological data for that location or surrounding geographic areas, they may request additional clearings. Please refer to “Scope of Services 2. Snow Drifts”.

5. Parked Car Policy: Cleanr Snow will work around parked cars to the best of their abilities but not within three feet of the obstruction. Customers are encouraged to ensure that their driveway is clear of parked cars after snowfalls. Anticipation of Cleanr Snow is expected as email updates are sent out to the customer before servicing begins after each snow fall. Service calls to clean up leftovers from unmoved cars will be billed $20 extra.

6. Snow Storm Policy: When snowfalls of more than 15.24cm (6”) are forecast, a “quick service” will be done. A quick service of DRIVEWAYS AND ONE DOOR WALKWAY ONLY will be done while snow is still falling in an attempt to allow customers to still pass through their driveway. Once the snowfall ceases, full service of driveway and steps/walkway will be done. The customer understands that during a Winnipeg winter, snowstorms are inevitable and most services slow down. For this reason, Cleanr Snow can not guarantee snow removal within 24 hours during or immediately following a snow storm.

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment: Payment will be accepted on a recurring basis, for the first day of each month. If payment is not received by the first day of the month, and a pre-authorized payment plan is not in place for the planned months of service, no service will occur until these two criteria have been met. NO EXCEPTIONS. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cheque and credit card. Payment is also accepted for the full season up front.

2. Limitation of Liability: Cleanr Snow will exercise reasonable care to avoid damage to pavement, curbs, trees, and shrubs. However, Cleanr Snow is not responsible for any: A) damage to landscaping caused by the piling of snow; B) damage to items that are snow-covered or not visible; C) damage caused by equipment when trees, shrubs and sidewalk areas are not reasonably delineated due to snow accumulation; D) personal injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents; and/or E) acts of God, including but not limited to extraordinary weather conditions.

3. Property Damage: The customer will report, in writing, any property damage caused by Cleanr Snow within 48 hours. Cleanr Snow will repair any timely and properly reported property damage in the spring season following the snow and ice management program season in which the property damage occurred. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Cleanr Snow will have no obligation, and the customer waives any damages for any property damage not timely and properly reported.

4. Slips and Falls: Regardless if salt is used or not, the customer realizes that ice and slippery surfaces are a fact of winter and may exist in unexpected locations on the property, even after snow removal has occurred. The customer understands this very important fact of winter, and the customer waives Cleanr Snow of all liability of slips on the property, that may result in death, injury, or damage to any persons or property.

5. Indemnity: The customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cleanr Snow, and its officers, employees, directors, representatives and agents (each, an “Indemnified Party”), from and against any and all claims, losses, settlements, fines, liabilities, damages, deficiencies, costs or expenses (including interest, penalties and attorneys’ fees and disbursements) (“damages”) suffered, sustained, incurred or required to be paid by any such indemnified party due to, based upon, arising out of, in connection with, or otherwise in respect of:(i) the performance of the services contemplated hereby or otherwise as a result of any acts or omissions by the customer, its employees, agents, representatives and clients, (ii) failure by the customer to perform its obligations under this agreement, or (iii) enforcement of this paragraph. This paragraph shall survive the termination of this agreement.